Why I wrote “Hair”

We were on vacation, somewhere in Virginia. We had just left the hotel, and my kids and I were parked in the car, while my husband went into a Starbucks to get himself some coffee for the road.

While we waited, I looked at a group sitting at a table on the patio – a woman and three guys. It was a warm day and the woman wore a no-sleeve light color top and shorts. She was tall and slim, her long, tanned legs stretched under the table. I felt a pang of envy looking at her, but not because of her figure. What I was most jealous of was her hair – beautiful, thick, wavy mass of blond, stretching all the way down to the small of her back. It was absolutely gorgeous, and I admit it – I was jealous. Because my hair is straight and limp as wet noodles.

When the group got up to leave and I saw the woman’s face, I realized she must have been least as old as I was, probably a bit older. But I still wished I had tresses like she.

And that’s why I wrote “Hair.”

Penny Luker, the ATG (All Things Girl) Writings Editor, published it in the November 2012 issue of the ezine, created to¬†“allow women a place to showcase their stuff – their artwork, photography, poetry, prose, articles on health, reviews, thoughts on business, creative endeavours and so much more.”

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