Why I wrote “Explaining Death”

My daughter was four-and-a-half when our cat died. She didn’t see her die, she just saw her get old and sick. I don’t really know how much children understand about death at that age, but obviously they know enough to understand that if one living creature can die, just cease to exist, be here no […]

Why I wrote “Alien”

I’m not kidding – “Resident Alien” really is what the U.S. government calls its “non-U.S. citizens currently residing in the United States.” Those words – “RESIDENT ALIEN” – used to be printed in big bold, capital letters all the way across the top of the so-called green card that non-U.S. residents receive to prove they […]

Why I wrote “Hair”

We were on vacation, somewhere in Virginia. We had just left the hotel, and my kids and I were parked in the car, while my husband went into a Starbucks to get himself some coffee for the road. While we waited, I looked at a group sitting at a table on the patio – a […]